First Objective

The first goal of High Energy Astrophysics (HEA) Disciplinary Working Group (DWG) is to enhance the significant research potential of the tremendous new pool of HEA talent across Canada by fostering interaction and collaboration.

Second Objective

The second goal of HEA DWG will be to identify the most pressing science issues in HEA for the next decade.

To accomplish this, we have define several sub-groups, each of which will focus on a different HEA science topic, and will be led by a DWG member. Our sub-group (and leaders) list is:

      (i) Non-accreting neutron stars (leader M. van Kerkwijk)

      (ii) Supernova remnants (leader S. Safi-Harb)

      (iii) Accreting compact objects (leader D. Leahy)

      (iv) Galaxies, Clusters & Cosmology (leader P. Hall)

      (v) Fundamental Physics (leader J. Taylor)

Third Objective

The third goal is to identify a potentially international HEA space mission for Canadian participation or leadership.

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