A block of rooms on campus has been reserved for participants.  Accommodations can be guaranteed by filling out the Accommodation Reservation Request Form  and faxing your completed reservation form to 819-822-9615 by April 18, 2013. After this date, reservations will be accepted based on availability and the preferred rate may no longer be guaranteed.

We strongly encourage participants to buy the meal package (which includes breakfast and lunch for the entire conference). Please note that the supper of the Friday evening of May 24th is the Banquet and that on Saturday evening of May 25th participants are free to choose where they would like to eat.



Dr. Bjarni TryggvasonThe banquet will be held during the evening of Friday, May 24th. Note that the banquet is free for all participants.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Bjarni Tryggvason has agreed to be the after-banquet speaker. Bjarni is a Canadian engineer who pursued a career as an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency. He served as a Payload Specialist on Space Shuttle mission STS-85 in 1997, a 12-day mission to study changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. On February 22, 2009, he piloted a replica of Alexander Graham Bell's Silver Dart, from the ice on Baddeck Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The flight commemorated the centennial of the first flight in Canada and the British Empire.

Bjarni is a delightful speaker who will discuss some of his fascinating life experiences.


Dining and Restaurants

A list of restaurants in the immediate vicinity of Bishop's and in the City of Sherbrooke is given below. A PDF version can be found here.

On Campus

Tim Horton's: 8am - 3pm (Thursday and Friday only), D4 on campus map

Dewhurst Dining Hall: D2 on campus map

Walking Distance (less than 1 km)

Sebby's Pub & Grill: 83 Queen, Lennoxville, (819)569-9755, chicken, ribs, steak, seafood, etc.
Subway: 97 Queen, Lennoxville, open late (819)562-4030

McDonald's: 110 Queen, Lennoxville, open 24 hours (819)563-5828

Tim Horton's: 89 Queen, Lennoxville, open 24 hours (inside Couche-Tard; no seating) 
                     160 Queen, Lennoxville, closes at 11pm (but has seats)

Lennoxville Café: 112 Queen, Lennoxville. coffee, sandwiches, patisseries, soups, etc. Wi-Fi. 

Golden Lion: 2902 College, Lennoxville (819)565-1015. Local sports bar where Bishop's students hang out. 

Pizzaville: 116 Queen, Lennoxville (819)564-2400

Jerry’s Pizzeria: 106 Queen, Lennoxville (819)569-9381

Restaurant Chez Bi Bi: 170 Queen, Lennoxville (819)791-5444, brochettes, shrimp, etc. (approx. $15/person)

Downtown Sherbrooke (many restaurants, not far from campus, 8-10 minute drive)

Antiquarius: 182 Wellington Nord, Sherbrooke (819)562-1800,

Auguste: 82 Wellington Nord, Sherbrooke (819)565-9559, French. A bit more fancy but very popular. 

Café Classyco: 133 Frontenac, Sherbrooke (819)565-4148 Bring your own wine (approx. $24/person). Food from the islands (île-Maurice). Truly local. Nice owner and relaxed, like he is still living on the islands.
Caffuccino: 1 Wellington Nord. Popular place. Coffee and food (wraps, paninis, pizza, burgers, salads). For menu check 

Da Toni: corner of King Ouest & Belvedere, Sherbrooke, (819)-346-8441 Probably the best (and most expensive) meals in Sherbrooke.

Bistro KapZak: 20 Wellington South, Sherbrooke (819)791-1176,  Eclectic menu. A Bishop’s physics graduate is the owner and head chef. 

Café Bla-Bla: 2 Wellington South, Sherbrooke, (819)565-1366,

Siboire: 80 Rue du Dépôt, Sherbrooke (819)565-3636 Micro-brewery and coffee-shop. Pub food is served. Direct access by bus from Bishop's.  

Greater Sherbrooke (restaurants typically on rue King Ouest, 15-20 minute drive)

La Taverne O'Reilly (Irish pub): 1410 King Ouest. (819) 575-6571. Great decor inside, just opened and a big hit in town! Pub food (smoked meat, nice portion of cheese nachos, etc.), beer and more beer, etc.

Rôtisserie St-Hubert: 3070 King Ouest. (819) 563-5112. ‎ ‎ Completely renovated and good food.  Everything: chicken, fajitas, steak. They have a bar.

Guacamole Et Tequila: 2340 King Ouest. Mexican food.  (819)823-8181

Restaurant Bâton-Rouge: 2844 King Ouest. (819)346-9888. Ribs, steaks, burgers, chicken, pasta, salads.

Scores: 2800 King Ouest, Sherbrooke (819)563-4444,

Restaurant Demers: 936 du Conseil, Sherbrooke, (819)564-2811,

Restaurant Pacini: 2960 King Ouest, Sherbrooke (819)-821-2654

Brasserie Le Dauphin: 925 King Est, (819)565-0911,

Restaurant Le Chou de Bruxelles: 1461 Galt Ouest, Sherbrooke (819)564-1848. Excellent restaurant that specializes in mussels and Belgian food (supper only). Bring your own wine. Very popular - be sure to reserve.


Banking and Convenience Stores

A list of ATMs and convenience store locations (including pharmacies) in the immediate vicinity of Bishop's can be found below:

On Campus

CIBC and Royal Bank ATMs: Marjorie Donald Building (Student Union), D4 on campus map

Bishop's University Bookstore (Follett's): Marjorie Donald Building (Student Union), D4 on campus map. Not open on Saturdays.

Walking Distance

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce: 93 Queen, Lennoxville (ATM accessible 24 hours)  (819)566-7833

Royal Bank: 131 Queen, Lennoxville (ATM accessible 24 hours)  (819)823-4299

Caisse Desjardins: 174 Queen, Lennoxville (ATM)  (819)566-2515 
Provigo: 169 Queen, Lennoxville; groceries, open until 11pm every night (819)823-0448  

Couche-Tard: 89 Queen, Lennoxville, wide selection of convenience items, open 24 hours (also includes an Esso gas station) 

Pharmacie Jean Coutu: 147 Queen, Lennoxville, (819)569-3601

Pharmacie Familiprix: 156 Queen, Lennoxville, (819)565-5868


Taxis and City Buses

There is just one company that serves all of Sherbrooke. Since service can be slow, it is best to reserve ahead of time.

Taxis de Sherbrooke: (819)562-4717 OR (819)562-3838 

Société de Transport de Sherbrooke (STS): The city bus website can be found here (in French only). (819)564-2687 (press 4)