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The main telescope is a PlaneWave 17" Dall-Kirkham corrected optical design Telescope. The 17" scope is mounted on a PlaneWave ascension 200HR German equatorial mount and that itself sits on a massive pier that is secured to the concrete roof structure. Piggybacked on the PlaneWave is a Televue 102 refractor. Focal length for the PlaneWave is 2939mm (f/6.8), the refractor is 880mm (f8.6). The dome is a 16.5 foot ASH Dome, with a custom designed interface installed for computer control. We also have several portable Schmidt-Cassegrain, reflectors and refractors (2" to 10" including a Meade LX-200) that are used on the observing deck.

SBIG ST-9XE monochrome CCD camera. With a KAF-0261E CCD ship
SBIG STF-8300C color CCD camera. With a KAF-8300C CCD ship
SBIG ST-6 CCD camera
Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro II CCD
Mallincam Xtreme II Video Camera
Yashica 35mm camera with adaptor

Shelyak LHiRes III spectroscope

Solar viewing:
LUNT LS100T/Ha 100mm solar telescope.
B600 CAK module Calcium K (Ca-K filter)
2" Lunt White Light Solar Wedge

The Sky X
MaxIm DL 5
PHD Guiding from Stark-Labs
MuniWin v1.1

Instruction Manuals:
Observatory Manual: PDF version
Planewave CDK 17" Manual: PDF version
Ascension 200 HR Manual: PDF version
SBIG st-9XE Manual: PDF version
SBIG STF-8300C Manual: PDF version
The Sky X Manual: PDF version
PHD guiding Manual: PDF version
CCDOPS V5 Manual: PDF version
MuniWin Manual: PDF version
SBIG AO-8: PDF version
Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro II Manual: PDF version
CCDSoft V.5: PDF version
SBIG-6 CCD Camera Manual: PDF version WEB page
Thousand Oaks Solar Filter: WEB page
Observatory Safety Instructions: PDF version Word version

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