Welcome to my faculty Web site in the Physics department at Bishop's University. I am passionate about research and teaching and dedicated to the training of both undergraduate and graduate students. If you are an undergraduate student interested in doing an honors thesis, my student page will give you an idea of the projects I have supervised in the past. If you are considering an M.Sc. in Physics and would like to know more about my work, please consult my research page, my publication list and  conference talks.  Please feel free to email me.


Ariel Edery

Department of Physics
Bishop’s University
Tel: 819-822-9600 ext. 2475



SEP 93 - SEP 98

Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics

University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec

Thesis title: Studies on Gravitation: Alternative Theories in 2+1 and 3+1 Dimensions

Advisor: Manu B. Paranjape

SEP 87 - SEP 89

M.Sc. in Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

Thesis title: Giant Quadrupole Resonances and the Missing Quadrupole Strength in Pion Reactions

Advisor: Boris Castel

SEP 83 - SEP 87

B.Sc. in Physics

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec



JUL 10 - PRES.


Bishop’s University

JUL 07 - JUL 10

Associate Professor

Bishop’s University

SEP 03 - JUL 07

Assistant Professor

Bishop’s University

SEP 00 - AUG 03

NASA Missions Analyst

a.i. solutions, Inc., Maryland

SEP 98 - SEP 99

Postdoctoral Fellow

McGill University

AUG 91 - AUG 00

Physics Professor

Marianopolis College